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Some things never get old.Happy Fourth!#4thofJuly#Pascalcampionart
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Tuesday Tips - EYES!Eyes are what convey most of someone’s expression. Body language is important, but “eyes don’t lie”. There’s a reason why someone who’s lying will generally try to avoid eye contact. We are biologically set-up to “read” someone’s inner feelings by looking at their eyes.In storyboarding, if I’m in a real hurry to make a sequence “read” better, I will try to hit the eyes and facial expression as best as I can before anything else, especially if it’s an emotional scene.Have a great Tuesday, everyone!Norm

Character Designers, let’s fight for this in our work.  3D Animators, let’s fight for this in our work.
Great stuff Norm thank you!
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Motherland Chronicles #34 - Flowers
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Whilst painting…. but Vivien is adorable <3Trying to find a comfortable painting process since I generally take too long. And I don’t feel like working on fairy princesses and old men lost at sea for 20 years.

An adorable painting my did of me (on accident)! Well, me if I were blonde <3
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Crater Lake, Oregon, United States by Harry Snowden