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Hermione’s last minute study crunch before exams!
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wish I could make a film as cool and hip as Pierrot le Fou*
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Is that photoshopped?
What sorcery is this
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My first Google Doodle after two months on the disabled list due to a broken neck. This is for Olga Ferri, a famous Argentinian ballet dancer, often considered to be one of the best Giselles to perform that role.
I saw Giselle many years ago, and remember being struck by the second act – how the main character, in her second life, danced all night to distract and save the man who broke her heart (which ending up causing her death, mind you). In some ways, the movement is about second chances, and in many ways, that’s why I wanted to work on this illustration.
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This year’s Google Doodle for Veterans Day takes place within a small town parade. While a variety of townsfolk participate in the festivities, I chose to focus on a single float featuring several generations of veterans (along with one proud grandson).